Thursday, June 19, 2008

The tubes are gone!

When we came in to see you Thursday morning, all your tubes were gone! We were thrilled! (and so were you!) The night nurse gave you a bath and washed your hair after the tubes came out. Look how your hair dried! How funny! Mohawk man! Too cute, Reid!

Daddy holding you....and no tubes to get in the way. You are feeding better. Still drinking out of the Mead Johnson nurser, but we cut the nipples to get you more flow. For now, we are seeing you eat fairly well. We are happy.

You getting ready to leave the NICU in your "going home" outfit. You didn't get to wear this from Wooster Hospital because you went by ambulance to Cleveland. I was excited for you to wear clothes. It meant we were leaving. This is MaryAnne. She was your favorite nurse in the NICU. She was fantastic, and she really meant a lot to Daddy and me. It takes someone very special to do what these nurses do. What a blessing they are.

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