Thursday, June 19, 2008

Feeding after surgery

After our Cleveland Clinic ordeal, you weren't feeding well from the bottle because of the stitches and the soreness of your mouth. We then began feeding you with a syringe with a cut cathedar tube on the end. I know...sounds fishy....but it worked great to get the milk beyond your open palate. I would place a pacifier in your largest opening of your cleft so you could get the idea of sucking, and I would use the syringe to feed you. It was very time consuming (about an hour for a 4 oz. bottle), but you handled it well, and did not gag or choke during your feedings. It seemed to be a good fir for you at that time. It was hard to feed you those late night feeds this way. I was tired beyond belief, and fililng up a little 10 cc syringe 12 times per feeding was taxing. But, again, it worked, and we were thrilled that you were gaining weight so well.

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