Thursday, June 19, 2008

Fitting for the NAM (Nasoalveolar Molding)

Our dental team used the NAM (Nasoalveolar Molding) device to get Reid's cleft in placement. It was a whole lot of work, a load of tape, and tons of patience. But, the end result was well worth it. We had to have Reid go under anesthesia for the fitting since he was much older than most babies who start with the NAM a few days after birth. We then began our taping routine each night which also changed as his NAM went adjustments. We traveled to Rainbow (about an hour away) each Tuesday to meet with our team, to measure Reid, and to adjust the NAM. We did this for 4 1/2 months. Again, a lot of time, yes. But, the end result speaks volumes. Enjoy the pics! Above- Reid at day 1 with his NAM. It took about 3 days of adjustment until he was used to the feel of it in his mouth.

Here is a shot of the NAM. The rubber bands go on the two points on the upper points of the NAM which are taped to his face. This applies pressure on the cleft and slowly moves the premaxialla into the correct position for lip repair surgery.

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