Thursday, June 19, 2008

Surgery #1- 17 days old (Nov. 07 -Thanksgiving week)

It hurts me to post these pictures, but I must. It was a part of your journey. You had a lip adhesion at 17 days old in Cleveland. The purpose was to pull your lips together and have the cleft center itself through this process. Since your cleft was so far to the left, we knew this was going to be a painful process. All looked to be ok after surgery. I just wanted to pick you up and hold you. You were so tiny to be put through this already.

The metal bar was to prevent you from grabbing at the sutures. It was literally glued to your face.

Another picture soon after surgery. Notice, the IV is in the head again! You kicked out your other 2 in your feet in the recovery room! Still a stinker!

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