Wednesday, July 30, 2008

First tooth or third tooth?????

Well, it's official....Reid has popped through a tooth! His bottom right has come up. It is so cute! I forget how cute little ones look with just those first couple of teeth!!!! I call this tooth #1 or #3? His first 2 top teeth really are through....but are so decayed that I don't know if I can call them teeth or not! This one seems to be in good placement, and hopefully that will mean good things for his bottom teeth...hopefully! Fun to see them coming in little by little. He was fussy through the night on Sat. and I just thought it was being fussy!!!! Well, maybe this was the true reason! Quite a trooper...because I didn't even know it was coming. It was a total surprise to me! I am sure there will be more to follow eventually!

Taping over the lip.....DONE FOR GOOD!

Well, today marks Reid's first day with NO TAPE over his lip area. In this picture, you will see a naked face as I call it. No tape, no stents, just Reid! Now, yes....we are still using the stents, but this was this morning before I put them in. Reid is obviously happy about his "naked" face....and so am I! He is looking good. Now the massaging of the scar starts. Wonder how that will go? Updates later!

Side view of lip area. Minimal scarring...and looking good! Double click either picture for an up close look. Pretty amazing, huh?????

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Reflux = Laundry

Ahhhh, Reflux. I don't think I have posted about it before. Probably because I was too busy trying to get the spit up off the carpet, furniture, Reid, and anyone near him! As you can see by the picture, this is what Reid goes through on a typical day....just his bibs and burp cloths, mind you. I didn't even factor in the multiple outfits he is in daily. He has been on meds since about 10 days old. He started with Zantac and after repeatedly upping the doseage with little help we went to Prevacid at 4 months old. Then, at 5 months, we upped the dose on that as well. Does it help? Well, yes and no. Reid had lots of burning as he ate when he was really little. Classic signs were the arching of the back during feedings and screaming in pain. He was hungry, but everytime he would go to eat, the screaming and arching would begin. Then, the spit up. The neverending spit up. I know to keep him upright for at least an hour after eating, or else everything comes up. I know that if we are going in the car anytime near a feeding (up to an hour) when I get him out of the car, he is going to blast all over me. That's just the facts! His burning sensation while eating is gone. I think the meds help with that a lot. The spit up.....maybe the meds help a bit, but we haven't seen much change with that. Reid will be 9 months in another week, and I will be so glad to see the day that I don't have to have a bib around his neck every second of the day. Brian hates the spit up. It is just constant. I know that it will pass.....but it just is one of those things that is such a pain. I see all these babies who NEVER wear bibs....and get to show off their cute day. Not trying to be a total complainer here....but the Reflux has been bad from the start....and I am ready to see it end. Hopefully sooner than later.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Teeth issues I knew from Reid's birth that he may have major teeth issues since his cleft was so large. We were told soon after his birth that his cleft housed 8 teeth. Yes, 8. 4 baby teeth and 4 permanent teeth. Hard to believe. Anyway....during the NAM process, we noticed what we thought to be 2 sores from the NAM. After the dentist saw us that week, we were not happy to find out they weren't sores....they were baby teeth. They probably came to surface around 4 months of age.

Now, here we are...Reid is almost 9 months, and the top 2 teeth are down. They are his only teeth at this time, but they are black. It is hard for me to get a picture of this....maybe someday I will be able to snap one to show you. Our dentist knows about this and is watching Reid. He didn't think they were well rooted, and we feared what we still fear....Reid will lose those 2 top teeth. I know it isn't the worst thing in the world....but to not have your top 2 baby teeth until the permanent ones come in....I hate that. I don't know if anything will be done for Reid until his permanent teeth come in or not. Wait and see, I guess. Most of the cleft families that I speak to, their kiddos' teeth look so good!!!! I am always impressed! So, if any of you have experience with rotting teeth and the process involved with this....feel free to share your experiences with me. I am new at this situation...and am wondering what we are facing. Regardless....Reid's smile is priceless....teeth or no teeth!