Thursday, June 19, 2008

Cleveland NICU

Here you are...3 days old. You didn't do so well eating the first night in the NICU, and the doctors were forced to put a feeding tube in. You still have your IV in your head which doesn't seem to bug you too badly. You HATE the pulse ox. on your toe. You kick it off every chance you get. The nurses think you are pretty fiesty for only 3 days old! I agree!

See those socks on your hands? Those are to keep you from pulling on all your cords. It helped for awhile...then you even managed to get those things off of you! What a stink you are!

Daddy holding you. We were so glad that we could hold you in the NICU. I think that's about all I did there. I just wanted you close to me. I wanted you to know that your dad and I were there with you from sunup to sundown and beyond. We couldn't get enough of you. I hated leaving you each night, but I knew you were in great hands. Your nurses were fantastic. We were blessed by their loving care for you.

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