Thursday, June 19, 2008

First hospital night

Here is Daddy and your big sister with you. You were having trouble eating from the start. You ate from the Mead-Johnson feeder, and just didn't have the hang of it. The nipple didn't give you enough, and you were frustrated. You ended up getting an IV the first night at the hospital. You are a fighter, and it is apparrent. You did not tolerate an IV.....anywhere! So, finally, the nurses had to put one in your head. You got your first haircut that night. They had to shave some of your hair (because you had so much) to get the IV in. You didn't mess with it then, and seemed to be tolerating it ok. You were only eating about 2 cc's at a time. Not enough to sustain you. We knew you would be transfered to a NICU somewhere. Off to Cleveland we were. You were born Sat. night, and by Mon. morning, you (and Daddy and me) were off to the Cleveland Clinic NICU.

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