Friday, September 12, 2008

Plastic Surgery appointment- Preparing for palate repair

Reid's mom here....what a great day it was! We traveled to Cleveland this afternoon to meet with Reid's plastic surgeon for a post-lip repair visit and a pre-palate repair visit. First of all, you have to know our surgeon to appreciate this.

Dr. Gosian is the most gentle, mild mannered, considerate, humble doctor I have ever met. Truly. He is genuine and he truly cares about his patients. After the lip repair when I first saw Reid, through tears, I thanked Dr. Gosain in the recovery room. His comment to me was, "Thank you for allowing me to work on your son." Then, he gave Brian and I time alone with Reid to take in his new face. So, today, when we were waiting for Dr. Gosian to come into the examining room, I was anxious to see what he would say. Would he tell us the stents did their job? Would he be upset that we quit using them after 3 months? Would he say the lip looks as good as we think it looks? Are we doing everything we are supossed to be doing for Reid? I was anxious. Dr. Gosain walked in, greeted us smiling, got down to Reid's level, and said, "Wow....his lip really looks good." YES! We thought so....but to hear that from our surgeon was music to my ears. He looked Reid over, and was really happy about his nose. He thought it really came together nicely, and the stents did help in stretching out his skin under the nose. He commented about how uniform and symetrical everything looks. Reid's front gumline is also ready for revision since nothing was done to it during the lip repair.

We were happy with our visit. Reid had lots more pictures taken of him from about every angle and was a trooper for the whole visit. He flirted with his favorite nurses...and gave lovies to as many as would take them! We are on track for an Oct. 16 palate repair date for surgery. We are not first thing in the morning....but close. Looks like a 10:30 start time. Not terrible, I guess. I like getting there to get things started as quickly as possible, though. Now our next challenge will be getting Reid off the bottle prior to surgery. Our surgeon would like Reid to be only on a sippy we will work on that. Reid does a sippy now everyday...but he also loves that bottle! We will work on this goal soon! So much to be thankful for. It was a great visit....and allowed us to breathe a little easier. Oh, yeah....we got the official word that the taping and stents are totally done now. Now, I can truly breathe easier....and so can Reid. Finally.

***Sidenote....Reid was weighed today at the doctor. I just have to laugh. The kid is HUGE. And I wouldn't want it any other way. Weighing in at 24 pounds 7 ozs. and 30.5 inches long. As I said....the kid is HUGE. He is about 6-7 pounds heavier than what Ellie was at this same age. HUGE! : )


Allison said...

How awesome is that? What a great report! Reid's Dr. sounds like such an amazing person. He shares many qualities with our Dr. Hopper. We are so blessed!

The Lucey's Triplets said...

So glad to hear that you got a good report! I can't believe how BIG he is!